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Media Plan and Buy

Kaavin Communications has a group company Kaavin Media Pvt Ltd that is into media planning, buying and implementation in the entire media environment.

Media planning is a specialized discipline in advertising and marketing communications.

Media planning entails finding the most appropriate media platforms to disseminate communications messages created. Media planners at Kaavin Media determine when, where and how often a message should be placed. In media terms it’s about creating a balance of reach and frequencies. Their goal remains to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message to generate the desired response and then stay within the designated budget.

Clearly, media planning is a challenging role, involving multiple areas of expertise. Media planners at Kaavin Media always keep in mind audience, timing, message and desired response—all while staying within the budget.

Media planners at Kaavin Media, the media agency in Delhi, use a number of tools and technologies for data crunching and arriving at an optimum plan. They clearly define marketing objectives, media objectives, target audiences in terms of geo location, socio-economic strata, psychography etc, media strategy, media tactics etc. Basis the well defined strategy they come up with media selection and scheduling to deliver the campaign objectives.

Post the media plan approval with client, the second most crucial stage is that of media buy. This is about negotiating and buying time and space as per the plan from individual media houses. Kaavin Media has specialist media planners and buyers to carry out the important tasks and give maximum value to its discerning clients.

Implementation of releases in the entire media environment is again a very complicated task. Our media agency has the capabilities of carrying out releases in the entire media environment including online, offline, on ground, outdoor, events, expositions, rural media etc.

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